i would love to have new family member to add to my family, a large breed dog that gets along well with other dogs. (in case we decided to get another) Between the age's 6 weeks - 2 years. Preferable Male. Will have Backyard to play in. 2 loving people ( myself and my father) to care and cuddle with. i have lots of experiences with animals as a Co-op at the Humane society. we have a medium sized house andthere is always someone home to let the dog out though the day. i love going on walks which means a dog that loves walk would be a bonus. i live near a park where many dogs play and i live with in a 10 min drive of a vet clinic.
when emailing me about the dog please awnser these questions :
Whats the breed?
whats the age?
why are you giving them away?
any medical problems?
do they have temperament or behavioral issues?
are they up to date with the vet?
are they good with other animals?
are they house trained?
do they know any basic commands?
Thank you, Kortney