Hi, my name is Yaz. I?m a 3 ½ yr old male German Shepard and I?m free to a good home with a friend who would be interested in a long term relationship. They say that I?m pretty good looking for my age. I?m originally from Germany but moved here when I was just a few months old so I just say I?m German by birth. My mama told me that I should be proud ?cuz I?m a purebred & I got the tattoo in my right ear to prove it. I?ve got papers too! Just can?t find ?em right now, but I will. I know for sure that I didn?t eat them. I?m looking for a new home. You see, my buddy, who I?ve been living with for the past 3 years, well his life has changed a lot lately and we don?t spend as much time together as we used to. He?s moving up that ladder he keeps talking about and unfortunately he?s away from home a lot now so we decided that it might be the best thing for me if I can find someone else who?s has some time and is looking for a great buddy to hang around with. I love runs and long walks. I?m 3 so I got a lot of energy and let me tell you, nothing beats kick?in back on game day with a large bowl of water and a box of milk bone. Oh, and I like the ladies too,WOOF! Now come on, what lady wouldn?t like a strong, strapping young pup on her arm. No worries about me being the love ?em and leave ?em type. I?ve had all my shots and I?m shooting blanks but I make up for that with more unconditional love that you can imagine. I haven't been around children very much & I don't have much experience around other dogs so for now I think I'm best suited to a home where there are no other pets. So if you?re interested in meeting up drop me an email. I?m in the Golden Horseshoe area (Niagara - Oshawa) of Ontario. I had my friend John to write this for me. I?m all paws when it comes to computers. Let me know a little bit about you like where you live, what things you like to do and why you think I would be a great addition to your family. Cheers! YAZ.