I have a 4 month old English Spot Bunnie for sale with cage and some accessories. She is very friendly and has never bit. She needs to be let out of her cage every once and a while as she loves exercise. She is really quite small and has a great personality. If you sit down with her she will jump up on you and also lick you to death. We must re-home her because we are moving and we have a cat and our new landlord would not allow us to keep both. I paid $140.00 for the cage and i only bought it two months ago, and i paid $40.00 for her. The cage is fairly large and you would not need to buy a new one as this one is large enough for her even at full size. everything you will get with her is ....
-Large cage
-Red bowl
-Green house attachment (as seen in picture)
-Yellow feeding/treat tray
-Food pellets
-Organic hay (Only feed her a handful of hay two to three times a week and always have fresh water as the hay can dehydrate her)
-Alfalfa treats
-Fresh layer of shavings that i will line the cage with