I got "Baby" when she was 8 months old, she was beaten very bad before I got her we brought her into a home with 2 kids, she loves them to death she is great with them, I cant have her because with two kids and a dog that needs training and attention she needs alot of love and attention, that I cant provide, when I got her she did not have any shots and I couldn't afford to get them witch is another reason why I need to get rid of her she needs someone that can afford to have her and take care of her the way she needs to be takin care of. I would like to have someone who has kids and time for both their kids and Baby, If you are a person that has time for her and enough to give her what she needs give me an email, and tell me a little about yourself, I want to make sure she is going to a great home. Please if you are a shelter, I am Not intrested. thank you.