I have 2 kittens maybe 3 looking for their forever homes. Im looking for only good homes for them. I need someone really commited to having them and loving them forever. This litter was not intentional at all!!! It was pure accident!

I see all these ads posted on kijiji for rehoming their cats. I think its ridiculous how many people get kittens becasue there cute and free and then once there over 1 or 4,5,6,8 years old u get rid of them. I understand things come up where you may need to get rid of your cat. But please do not inquire about my kittens unless your 100% commited to taking one of these lil guys and keeping them forever.

I have 5 girls and 1 boy. Theres 3 gray and 3 black kittens. They have all been socialized really well as i have other cats as well as dogs and children around them. They all have wonderful personalities.

Also i have 2 gray kittens and 1 black that are "mitten kittens" which mean they have the extra claw.

If your interested in any of these little kittens please
dont hesitate to email me.

Also i can get there first shots and deworming for a total cost of $50 per kitten. Wont be ready to leave untill New Years.

There are only 2 maybe 3 Black female kittens available.